To mark the International Day of People with Disabilities (3 December), ITV Channel commissioned a survey looking at what life is like for people with disabilities across the Channel Islands.

The results of the survey held few surprises, but they did serve to add more data to that collected by the States of Jersey’s Health and Life Opportunities survey in 2015, which was used to inform Jersey’s subsequent Disability Strategy.

After a week of ITV Channel reports dedicated to disability across the Channel Islands, we collect them all here:

Survey key facts and figures

Special programme for International Day of People with Disabilities

Guernsey Chief Minister experiences the high street as a wheelchair user

1 in 10 islanders with disabilities cite accessibility as big issue

Slow change to address equality for islanders with disabilities but ‘momentum’ behind the movement

Not enough employment opportunities, say 1 in 2 islanders with disabilities

The ‘I Am …’ series: sharing the stories of islanders with disabilities

ITV Channel disability survey – getting about

Britain’s Got Talent winner visits Jersey

‘It’s about changing attitudes’, Paralympic champion reacts to our survey

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