The JDP had a successful meeting on 28 January 2019 with approx. 20 attendees.

The States of Jersey was represented by Rob Sainsbury, John Howard, Sean McGonigle, Helen Sargeant Dar (the new Director of Community Services, who takes up her appointment full time next week) and Anna Hamon.  There were also three politicians in room: Deputies Trevor Pointon and Kevin Pamplin from Scrutiny plus Senator Steve Pallett.

After a few formalities the audience heard from Rob Sainsbury and his presentation on the proposed new Governance Structure for Health and Community Services – “A New Model of Healthcare for Jersey” (short version / long version). Helen Sargeant Dar, who has only been here a few days, but seems to be hitting the ground running, introduced herself, explained her background (details will be released re her appointment in the normal way shortly) and explained her aspirations for the service.

Sean McGonigle then explained his work to-date on “Building a better foundation for the relationship between the States and the Voluntary and Community Sector“. Anna Hamon then briefly updated the meeting on progress with the Disability Strategy, and in discussion touched on the “vacuum” re political responsibility for broad Social Policy since Paul Routier’s departure, which might be on the way to be being solved shortly with a new appointment to a similar role.

Senator Steve Pallet formally agreed at the meeting to take up the mantle of “Disability Champion” in the House, having explained his personal experience with a long-term challenged son and general interest in Health and Wellbeing.

The meeting then engaged in a longish Q&A where all the above as well as John Howard had input, which was progressive and interesting. Challenges to Rob and Sean on “we have heard it all before” and proof in delivery was the main theme. All States representatives took on the need for continued dialogue / consultation and continued engagement as work / plans move forward.

Edward Trevor had a few words over the launch of a new campaign concerning safety with wheelchair usage and offered copies of leaflet / video.

With the current moving dynamics, the next meeting was likely to feature the state of developments re the New Hospital project. Date and time TBC.

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