If you are looking for support in Jersey, Channel Islands, for a particular condition, please check out our partners and other partners pages as there may be a specialist organisation listed there who can assist you.

If this does not provide the solution you are looking for, please email jim@disability.org.je and we may be able to signpost you to an organisation that can help.

Visitors to Jersey

If you are visiting Jersey and are unfamiliar with the help available on the island, there are a number of websites dedicated to this subject:

Citizens Advice’s Guide

Disabled Access Information

Jersey Disabled Travel

Visit Jersey Accessible Tourism

Note regarding the law:

Jersey’s discrimination legislation was introduced in September 2018. This means those visitors with a disability should expect the same level of service as other tourists from their hosts. The legislation works in a similar way to that of other jurisdictions and is based on the need for organisations to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate disabilities.

The law also contains an allowance for organisations of 2 years from the introduction of the law to give them time to make physical changes to their premises. We are currently in this ‘period of grace’ with regard to reasonable adjustments to physical premises. The other duties to make reasonable adjustments (i.e. to PCPs or requirements to provide auxiliary aids) are in force immediately.