The Disability Strategy for Jersey published in May 2017 set out the proposed priorities and actions to help ensure the key outcome of the strategy: that people living with disability enjoy a good quality of life.

The strategy was developed in partnership with government, voluntary and community organisations and the business community. Consideration was given to ensuring that the strategy delivers what people want through extensive research and engagement to help understand the views and needs of disabled Islanders.

Priorities and action plans

The strategy is grouped into five priorities:

Priority 1: have support to communicate and access information

Priority 2: have greater access to the Island

Priority 3: have good health and wellbeing

Priority 4: have access to education, employment and enriching activities

Priority 5: have equal rights and experience equality

Each of these priorities have an associated action plan, detailing the actions the Island needs to carry out in order to bring about change.

Delivering the strategy and measuring success

A Disability Strategy Delivery Group will be responsible for making sure every action is carried out, to plan when this will happen and identify the resources required to achieve it.  The group will also identify measures to monitor the impact and long-term success of the strategy.

Disability Strategy for Jersey

Disability Strategy for Jersey: accessible and large print format